Brand new online PSHE training modules

PSHE TrainingThe brand new online training modules available from Teaching Resource Support offer teachers a more flexible approach to introducing students to the topics of SRE, finance, drugs and alcohol.

The online training modules have been developed by ASTs and PSHE experts and modified into online modules by experienced educational author, Steve Martin.

Each of the courses can be delivered via web link for individual completion or presented in the classroom as a group activity. The bespoke distribution tool allows you to track and monitor your training exercises.

There are currently 4 modules available to Premium Plus members which can be accessed via your TRS Dashboard:

Sex and Relationships
Young people are increasingly turning to the Internet and social media for sources of information about a huge range of topics. However, this can have damaging effects when it is used for information about SRE.

This SRE module helps to inform students about the potential for finding false and misleading information from these sources.

Managing Your Money

This training module is designed to help young people appreciate the concept of ‘money’. We explore the issues of paying for things – that everything has a price, and we need to accumulate enough money to obtain these items and budget accordingly.

Drugs Awareness

Having the right information to make the right choices.

In this KS4 training module, we think about illegal substance abuse and learn about the law in relation to drugs as well as sources of further advice both inside and outside school.

Alcohol Awareness

Alcohol can affect people of any age, but research indicates that the human brain continues to develop into a person's early twenties, and exposure of the developing brain to alcohol may have long-lasting effects on intellectual capabilities and may increase the possibility of alcohol addiction.

This course will build awareness of the harms of under-age drinking and the damage it can do to our bodies as well as on society.

These training modules are available to Premium Plus members - join now!

Written by Teaching Resources Support on July 02, 2015 12:49

How can we help students cope with their upcoming exams?

In the coming weeks, lessons will begin to include exam preparation skills and techniques to hopefully assist students in achieving their maximum potential. Along with offering study skills, however, teachers may wish to consider talking to students about how to cope with the pressures and stress of studying for important exams and also what to do when things are getting on top of them. offer a great range of quality PSHE lessons and resources that cover a whole wealth of aspects that students should be aware of, associated with the periods leading up to and during examinations. These include:

• Exam Advice Assembly Plan – The aim of this resource is to encourage pupils to reflect on exam advice from parents, carers and teachers. The assembly script also draws their attention to the use of advice in relation to exams and their lives in general. Click here for the exam advice assembly plan.

• Life Skills – This series of 4 lessons cover positive mindset, affirmations, role models and confidence building and include many aspects that will be important to students during the build-up to their exams as well as within their lives in general. Click here for the life skills lesson plans.

• Depression – Depression among young people is a growing concern especially at times of heightened pressure such as before exams, but it remains a much-misunderstood illness. In this series of four lessons the students are made more aware of the concept of depression, the different types of depression, recognising symptoms and seeking help. Click here for the lesson plans on recognising and dealing with depression.

• Alcohol – If things are getting too much to handle then students may consider turning to alcohol in an attempt to ease their nerves or they maybe thinking about après-exam parties, well in this series of six PSHE lessons that focuses on subjects such as: ‘why study alcohol?’ the short and long term consequences of alcohol abuse, how alcohol affects mental health, the students will begin to understand the negative effects of drinking though a range of activities, worksheets and class discussions.

Exam time is a very stressful time for students but by using these excellent resources teachers can equip them with the knowledge and advice so that they will be as mentally and emotionally prepared as they can be and therefore be able to approach their exams in the best frame of mind possible.

Written by Teaching Resources Support on February 17, 2014 11:21

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