KS4 - Health and Safety - 4 lessons

Give students information into health and safety and risk assessments.

In this series of 4 lessons, we use a music event to highlight health and safety issues.

Included in the teaching resources are lesson plans, student worksheets and PowerPoint presentations.

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An introduction to health and safety in the workplace using a rock music event as context, with images of the Kaiser Chiefs live in concert.

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Students develop their own rock concert project including a risk assessment and method statement.

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Taking the concept of health and safety within a more specific context, students consider how health and safety issues should be taken into consideration when planning events.

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A review and reflection opportunity for the students to assess their learning from the last 3 lessons in this module.

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Health & Safety – Work-related Learning Teaching Resources

Many of the principles of health and safety in the workplace are the same across a number of sectors, so in this series of lessons, we use the example of a music event to help students engage with and relate to the topic.

Lesson 1 – Working in Production

Using a series of images, students must identify the possible risks associated with the scene. The purpose of different kinds of safety equipment is discussed and the results displayed.

Lesson 2 – Risk Assessment

Working in pairs, students carry out a quick risk assessment in the classroom using guidelines from the HSE website. The findings are then fed back to the class to compile a list of potential hazards.

Lesson 3 – Planning an Event

Using knowledge learnt so far, students begin to plan a music event from a health and safety perspective. Have they considered all the factors?.

Lesson 4 –Writing a Method Statement

To complete the exercise, pupils will now complete a risk assessment and method statement for their event. Levels of understanding can be assessed using the fun interactive exercise at the end of this module.

Vocational Qualifications

These health and safety lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for Employability - Health and Safety from ASDAN. These lessons are also suitable for use with Developing Skills for Employment - Health and Safety from NOCN; Employability Skills - Health and Safety in the Workplace from OCR.