KS4 - Healthy Eating - 4 Lessons

Teachers have an accountability to teach and encourage healthy eating. The media plays a big role in young people’s lives and the way that eating is portrayed isn’t always in the interest of promoting healthy eating habits. These lessons have therefore been developed to actively champion eating healthily.

Download these lesson plans and teach your students using thoroughly researched material. The Healthy Eating lesson plans have been developed to ensure that effective teaching can be achieved and communication and engagement be reached.

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There is a wealth of information in the public domain about the issues of healthy eating and all this information can mean students get bombarded and blinded to the actual facts and truths.

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It is important that young people have the ability to make their own decisions based on their opinions and views. To ensure that young people have the ability to do this it is crucial to show them how.

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It is important to teach students to eat well and give them the facts and information related to the subject to ensure that they can make informed-decision – and this lesson plan plays a vital role in achieving this.

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To ensure that learning has been achieved in this subject this lesson gives teachers the opportunity to reflect on the previous lessons to ensure that students have been taught effectively.

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Summary of Healthy Eating Lesson Plans for PSHE

Healthy eating is a key subject to teach when students are young enough to comprehend the importance of good health. It is hoped that by teaching students at Key Stage 4 level you can inspire them to learn, as well as getting them to keep healthy eating habits throughout their lifetime.

The challenge for teachers teaching this subject is that students will often have preconceived ideas on the subject as the concept of weight and health is an area much-talked about in the media.

These lesson plans have been designed to ensure that this subject can be taught effectively using classroom exercises and activities to educate students.

To cover this topic effectively we have designed four lesson plans which can be summarised as follows:

Lesson Plan 1 – The Healthy Triangle

In the first lesson of this healthy eating series, students are introduced to the topic of healthy eating and given information to contemplate about what these series of lessons are going to teach them. They are also taught to be familiar with a number of key terms associated to healthy eating as well as the concept of the “eatwell” plate and the “healthy triangle”.

Lesson Plan 2 – Personal Choices

The Personal Choices lesson aims to teach students to understand the factors that play apart in their personal eating choices. The lesson includes a number of classroom activities which encourage students to use numeracy, teamwork and communication skills in group activities based on the personal choices when deciding what to eat.

Lesson Plan 3 – Issues of Healthy Eating

In the next lesson students are taught about issues related to healthy eating and they are taught about the consequences of having a poor diet through the use of fact sheets which the students are given. By the end of the lesson students will fully understand all the issues of healthy eating as well as understanding the impact socially and economically of eating disorders.

Lesson Plan 4 – Revision of Healthy Eating

The final lesson in this series is a chance for teachers to remind and reinforce the key messages that have been taught in this subject. The lesson starts off with a teacher-led review of the subject and then uses a fun and interactive quiz to test students’ knowledge of the subject. The quiz is a sports game based on the “Question of Sport” format which engages students both in the learning and revision process.