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Healthy Eating Lesson Plan 4 - Revision of Healthy Eating Topics

This lesson provides teachers with a chance to examine what learning has been achieved and what areas require further teaching. To aid teachers with this task this comprehensive revision lesson plan has been developed and provides all the teaching material to do this. By downloading the Revision of Healthy Eating lesson plan you will ensure that you have the influential strategy to check your students understanding and you will discover whether learning objectives have been accomplished.
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About the Revision of Healthy Eating Lesson Plan

This lesson gives teachers the opportunity to reflect on how students have learnt throughout the teaching of this subject area. The lesson starts with the teacher recapping on the previous lessons and activities that were undertaken. The teacher presentation is an open-forum and students are encouraged to ask questions to reinforce their learning. The lesson also includes some group work where questions relating to this subject are devised and a soccer quiz is played among the classroom to engage students to learn further.


The lesson aims to ensure that students have learnt and that they have an appreciation of this subject. The overall aim of the healthy eating subject has been to ensure that students have all the knowledge of the subject to ensure that they can lead a healthy lifestyle. This lesson plan aims to reinforce this.

Learning Outcomes

The main learning outcomes from this lesson plan include a student’s ability to: • Understand the whole subject of Healthy Eating and how it affects them By using the Revision of Healthy Eating lesson plans you can ensure that you students have developed and learnt as individuals so that they can play and active role in ensuring a healthy lifestyle.