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Healthy Eating Lesson Plan 2 - Personal Choices

This lesson promotes personal choice and aims to show student’s how choice is important when thinking about their health. By downloading the Personal Choices lesson plan you can ensure that your teaching is planned so that the learning achieved is what you expected and that your students are controlled to actively take part in the learning process.
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About the Personal Choices Lesson Plan

The Personal Choices lesson plan has been designed to ensure that students understand why choice is crucial when it comes to maintaining good health. The lesson begins by recapping on the previous lesson ensuring that the concept of the “eatwell” plate and the health triangle were fully understood by students. The lesson then goes on to engage students using a number of activities. One activity looks to engage students using a survey to find out about what they eat and how they perceive what a healthy diet is. A group exercise is then undertaken to give students the opportunity to present to the classroom about eating choices. This lesson intends to get students actively engaged in the subject and challenge their thinking of how they eat while interacting with others.


The aim of this lesson plan is to teach students about choices and to ensure that they have a greater appreciation for the factors that affect personal eating choices. It also aims to challenge students through different classroom activities by putting their numeracy, teamwork and communication skills to the test. This lesson plan is a fluid and comprehensive lesson that has been thoroughly researched to ensure that students can effectively learn.

Learning Outcomes

The main learning outcomes from this lesson plan include a student’s ability to: • Understand the factors affecting personal eating choices • Use numeracy, teamwork and communication in group activities to effectively learn By using the Personal Choices lesson plan you will be teaching students the importance to think independently and show them that only they can ensure that they will have a healthy and balanced diet throughout their life.