KS3 - Options in Year 9 - 4 Lessons

Students need to understand the different options available to them and as a teacher you need to carefully educate students so that they make the right choices. These Options in Year 9 lesson plans have therefore been developed so that teachers can confidently help students make these choices.

Download these lesson plans to ensure that you can manage your time, effort and resources effectively in teaching this crucial subject area.

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As a student there is nothing more enlightening than realising your own skills and abilities and how these skills can be utilised along with your own motivation.

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As a teacher it is important to play a crucial role in shaping the future of the students that you teach and this is even more important when guiding your students about subject options.

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As a teacher you will know that it is vital that students choose the right option subjects so that they get the right qualifications for them.

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Students will start to understand that making the right choice for them is important for their careers as well as their health and well-being.

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Summary of Options in Year 9 Lesson Plans for PSHE

Overview of Lesson Plans

Making sure that students make the right Year 9 Option choice for them is important as they will have the ability to shape their future from the choices that they make now.

Therefore, these choices could effectively impact the college course and job that they choose in the future.

Students need to understand how and why they should choose their options and understand that they should look for subjects that motivate and excite them. These lesson plans are specifically aimed at unravelling the idea of options and help students in this important decision making process.

The lessons have been designed to be interactive and provide support to students at this important and often difficult time.

To cover this topic effectively we have designed four lesson plans which can be summarised as follows:

Lesson Plan 1 – Year 9 Options Programme

This first lesson introduces students to the subject and lets them know that by the end of the lessons they will select their option subjects. The lesson stresses the importance of making the right decisions as well as giving them the opportunity to reflect on their skills and abilities in different subjects. Within the lesson there are a number of activities to start focussing their thoughts on option decisions.

Lesson Plan 2 – Option Subjects

The Option Subjects lesson is an engaging lesson that aims to get students to start thinking about the different skills required in each option subject. It also aims to highlight the strategies that can be used to make option choices. The lesson includes a number of activities where students work in pairs to think about who can help them make option choices as well as reasons why they might want to study certain subjects.

Lesson Plan 3 – Deciding on Options

In the next lesson students are given more information on the options available as the schools option booklet is shared with them. This lesson will be the lesson where the reality of choosing options becomes real for many students. The lesson gives teachers the opportunity to engage students in a classroom discussion where questions are encouraged.

Lesson Plan 4 – Making The Choice

This final lesson reflects on the learning that has taken place in the previous lessons and gets students to re-evaluate their choices. It is an opportunity for students to link Key Stage 4 options choices with future grades and career opportunities. It is also an ideal time for students to consider what their short and long-term goals for the future are.

For additional information on the Options in Year 9 lesson plans visit the individual lesson plan pages.