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Options Lesson Plan 4 - Making the Choice

We all make many decisions each day and students need to be prepared for the biggest decision choice in their education life so far – what career options to take. That is why we have created this lesson plan to help show and link a student’s option choice to target setting and looking ahead. By downloading the Making The Choice lesson plan it will ensure that you have greater assurance and freedom to teach the subject. The teaching material has been planned wisely and covers all the key topic areas.
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About the Making The Choice Lesson Plan

This lesson has been designed to get students to share their thoughts on the option subjects. It is also an opportunity for any anxieties to be raised or for students to raise any concerns or issues they have. The teaching environment should be open and teachers should stress this to students at the start of the lesson, so that it is a forum where everyone can learn. The lesson also looks at action planning and for students to consider their short and long-term goals as well as career opportunities that they are interested in. The lesson includes an activity which allows students to brainstorm and develop such action plans and consider their ambitions.


The lesson aims to link the option choices to target setting and wants to get students to look ahead at their futures and what type of career they may want. The lesson aims to ensure that students have a complete appreciation of the importance of choosing options and that they make the right career choices for them.

Learning Outcomes

The main learning outcomes from this lesson plan include a student’s ability to: • Understand the option choices with the future and career opportunities in mind • Understand how they can set short and long-term goals By using the Making The Choice lesson plan you are ensuring that your fully prepare your students to make the right choice for them and one which will shape and grow them as a person.