KS4 - Citizenship and the Media - 4 lessons

This media module offers four citizenship key stage 4 lesson plans which include PowerPoint presentations, student worksheets and lesson plans for teachers.

Topics include the impact of the media on our lives, differentiating newspapers, new media and advertising. The student activities include creative writing, role play and group work.

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What is the media and how much of an impact does it have on our lives

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Are they all the same? Show students the variety of newspapers and teach them about how they differ.

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How has the new technology had an impact on the media?

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Introducing the notion that the media can influence the choices we make. How important advertising is.

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Citizenship and the Media Lesson Plans

As part of the citizenship programme of study, students should gain an understanding of how to use and interpret different media both as sources of information as well as a means of communication. In this series of 3 lessons, students are introduced to the various forms of media and advertising and how it can influence their lives.

Lesson 1 – Media Impact

As a class, the current level of knowledge on the subject of the media is defined, This is followed by 2 individual student activities that explore the media impact in their own lives.

Lesson 2 – Central Government

The lesson now concentrates on newspapers and the various types of information that they deliver. Students must identify the different topics in the group exercise.

Lesson 3 – European Parliament

Technology has had a major impact on the media. Students are encouraged to look at how technology had changed the way we can receive information.

Lesson 4 – Advertising

We now turn our attention to the impact of advertising and the principle that all marketing communication should be legal, decent, honest and truthful. A series of adverts are evaluated and a group exercise assesses their level of understanding.