KS4 - Society, Health & Development

These lessons include topics such as the future of the sector, daily scenarios, and roles in healthcare.

As student consider their future careers, use this series of lessons to take a closer look at the opportunities this sector.

These lesson plans can be used in careers studies or as part of diploma preparation for this industry.

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Four activities for use with students to explore possible careers in the healthcare industry.

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Society, Health & Development Careers Resources

There are many career opportunities available in this sector, and using these lessons, students can begin to learn about some of these options and how a career in healthcare can help other people.

Lesson 1 – Exploring Different Roles in Health

In this activity, students use case studies to look more closely at two particular roles in therapy and discuss other occupations that these may need to liaise with.

Lesson 2 – Looking More Closely at Daily Scenarios

Again, using case studies, students must identify the types of healthcare professionals that will be required to assist a patient. They must also consider complications that may arise.

Lesson 3 –The Future of the Sector

As peoples lifestyles change, so do their needs. In this lesson we look at the reasons for change and how this may affect various health sectors.

Lesson 4 – Whose Responsibility?

In the final session, we look particularly at social services and child protection. Students must express their own opinions during a class discussion.