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Transitions Lesson Plan 1 - Learning Styles

This lesson encourages students to think about how college or vocational training might suit their learning styles better than school.
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Connect the Learning

The first lesson in a series with a focus on transition from KS4 to post-16.

The Big Picture

We are looking at how people learn. What is your preferred learning style?

How can an understanding of your learning style help you to choose the right kind of courses and qualification pathways?

Learning Outcomes

This session will enable the pupils to find out their preferred learning style using a model based on David Kolb’s work, and look at the range of activities available in further education.


Hand out the Questionnaire sheet and the Response grid. Students should rank the statements in each group on the Questionnaire sheet from 1-4. 4 is most like them, 1 is least like them.


On the Response grid sheet, students fill in the columns with the numbers from their Questionnaire sheet. They then need to add up the columns, work out the AC-CE and AE-RO and plot their resulting position on the graph. Put the pupils in pairs to complete the graphs together, and give them clear instructions and as much support as they need...