KS4 - Transitions - 4 lessons

KS4 teaching resources which find out what is available to students, and the transition to post 16 education.

In this exercise, students will discover how people learn. Looking at the learning styles and understanding how to choose the right kind of course and qualifications is covered in this module.

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This lesson encourages students to think about how college or vocational training might suit their learning styles better than school.

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There is no point in using e-portfolios or good old Progress Files or even ROAs if they just get completed and forgotten. This lesson gets students using them in an interview scenario.

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Post 16 options straight from the horses mouth! Use past students and your local college and training providers to enrich your lessons.

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Are your students bewildered by college prospectuses? Use this lesson as an easy way into the world of FE.

Transitions to Post-16 Teaching Plans

Some of your students will be continuing their education into sixth form, while others may have chosen to progress into college or go straight into work. In this series of lesson plan, we find out about individual learning styles to identify which route is most suited to them.

Lesson 1 – How People Learn

Using a model based on the work of David Kolb, students must complete the individual activity to establish their preferred learning style.

Lesson 2 – Past Students

In this lesson, former KS4 students are invited to join the class. This gives your pupils to ask questions about different pathways of their peers.

Lesson 3 – The College Prospectus

Students must now gain an understanding of routes of entry and entry requirements for different professions and college courses. This is a group activity that requires copies different college prospectuses for your area.

Lesson 4 – E-portfolios and Interviews

The final activity in this module, students are advised on how to build a portfolio or progress file ready for making applications to college or for a job. Working in pairs, they look at ways to use this information at an interview.