KS4 - PSHE Assessment Tools

KS4 - PSHE Assessment Tool

Students complete their own assessment which ends up being a fantastic PowerPoint presentation all about them and the things they have achieved.

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Tru pshe assessment pwb

A PowerPoint presentation completed by students that helps them to assess their skills and understanding.

Contains 4 Document
  • Pdf TRS PWB Assessment Teacher Guidance
  • Powerpoint TRS PWB Assessment
  • Word TRS PWB Assessment Student Checklist
  • Word TRS Assessment Student Activity List

PSHE Student Assessment for Key Stage 4

To aid assessment of topics learnt in PSHE, students can complete the PowerPoint presentation included in this resource. In order to do this, they must compile evidence over time that demonstrates their knowledge in the following categories (taken from the Personal well-being programme of study): personal identities, healthy lifestyles, risk, relationships and diversity.

Student Help

To help them complete the exercise and gather the evidence, we have included some prompt lists to remind students about the activities they have taken part in. It is important to remember that these activities might have taken place in or out of school, so don’t be restricted by the categories given, simply change them to meet the individual requirements of each student.

Self Assessment

When completed, the PowerPoint document will form a presentation that students can deliver or display at the end of the year, or keep in their e-portfolio.