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Depression Lesson Plan 2 - The Symptoms of Depression

Having identified different types of depression, students now look more closely at the symptoms. Using a series of activities, students will start to be able to recognise these symptoms and consider the physical, social and mental aspects of depression. In this lesson, students build a case study to use in lesson 3.
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The Symptoms of Depression

This is the second in a series of four lesson plans looking at the subject of depression. These teaching resources look more in depth at depression, and in particular the symptoms of depression. By making use of different worksheets and activities, such as ‘mix and match statements’ and a ‘symptoms wordsearch,’ students will enhance their knowledge of the subject and learn how to identify depression through the symptoms.

The PSHE materials also include a PowerPoint presentation that links with the different activities the students will complete, both individually and in groups, and also provides pictures that will engage visual learners. With the help of the presentation, students will compile a case study of a person with depression in small groups, and to finish the lesson will present their findings to the rest of the class in three different areas: social, mental and physical aspects.

You are certain to find different teaching materials in these lesson plans that will suit different students and different ways of learning, and a thorough lesson can be delivered using the worksheets and lesson overview provided for teachers. For further teaching resources on this topic, as well as others, see our PSHE lesson plans.