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Prejudice Lesson Plan 2 - Why is Prejudice Wrong?

Students study the reasons why prejudice is a negative thing in society.
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Connect the Learning

Teacher Input - Invite students to get into pairs or threes quickly, and come up with three facts they learnt from last week’s lesson. Remind the group of key points if they do not come up with the correct responses.

The Big Picture

Teacher input - This is lesson 2 of 4 on the topic of Prejudice. The curriculum aims for the PSHE: Personal Wellbeing programme of study include young people becoming “responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.” The requirement is for the issues of diversity and prejudice to be tackled at KS3.

Learning Outcomes

From the key stage 3 PSHE: Personal Wellbeing programme of study;

1.5 Diversity

b. Understanding that all forms of prejudice and discrimination must be challenged at every level in our lives.


Activity 1: Teacher input

Define the terms prejudice and discrimination so that students are fully aware of the differences.

Ask the students to come up with as many reasons as they can why prejudice and discrimination are wrong. Write reasons on the board.