KS3 - Rights and Responsibilities - 4 lessons

Four lessons covering human rights and responsibilities of citizens.

These activities for citizenship includes lessons on introduction to human rights, the history of human rights, and how human rights can conflict in the UK.

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A role play lesson in which students use characters to act out a world where no human rights exist.

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Students watch video clips about human rights, and use case studies to introduce them to basic concepts.

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In this lesson students look at articles from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and American civil rights.

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Students are challenged to create a board or computer game about human rights, and complete a fun quiz testing their knowledge.

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More about the Rights and Responsibilities Lesson Plans

As part of the Personal Well-being programme of study, it is important that young people learn how to become responsible citizens and how to make a positive contribution to society. In this series of four rights and responsibilities teaching resources we uncover the basics of human rights.

Lesson 1 – Introduction to rights and responsibilities

The first lesson in this series is broken down into 3 student activities, firstly establishing their current understanding of their rights, followed by a worksheet activity and finally a presentation of their observations.

Lesson 2 – The History of Rights

It is important to understand how human rights came about and what groups were fighting for in order to establish rights. This class discussion helps to clarify issues and the following group activity will demonstrate the learning on this subject so far.

Lesson 3 – A World Without Rights

A series of activities that delve deeper into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Human Rights Bill of 1998 and the American Bill of Rights. With a greater understanding, students now explore different scenarios without rights?

Lesson 4 – When Rights Conflict

Using a series of case studies, students look at possible issues that conflict with human rights law. To demonstrate their knowledge, there are 2 plenary activities to complete this module.

Vocational Qualifications

These rights and responsibilities lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for Key Skills and Workplace Core Skills - Individual Rights and responsibilities from City & Guilds. These lessons are also suitable for use with Skills Towards Enabling Progression "Step Up" - Rights and Responsibilities from NOCN; Citizenship Studies - Rights and Responsibilities from OCR.