Stop, Look and Listen this National Safeguarding Month

What will your #StopLookListen17 pledge be for National Safeguarding Month?

UK Youth NSM LogoTo mark the start of National Safeguarding Month on 28th February, UK Youth, the largest national body for the youth sector, is calling on all organisations that work with young people to

Stop what they’re doing,

Look at their safeguarding practices,

Listen to young people and take action before the end of March.

The month hopes to put a spotlight on the welfare of young people to inspire and motivate youth organisations to create bright futures with their safeguarding policies.

"By highlighting the importance of safeguarding procedures, we hope National Safeguarding Month will unite the youth sector in demonstrating its commitment to the highest standards of safeguarding policies and practices" - UK Youth

How to get involved
You can support #StopLookListen17 by pledging:

  • to spend some time during National Safeguarding Month to review your safeguarding policy and/or practice
  • to run safeguarding sessions with young people
  • to offer space on your website for free advice, guidance or signposting on safeguarding
  • to tell UK Youth about any practitioner development workshops you are offering e.g. webinars, or child protection training etc.
  • to complete your Section 11 audit

During National Safeguarding Month, our sister site, E-safety Support, are offering their brand new Governor e-safety training free to all school governors who register by 31st March 2017.

Join us during National Safeguarding Month by committing to the highest standards of safeguarding policies and practices.

Pledge your support using #StopLookListen17, sign up to the Thunderclap and find out more here.

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Written by Teaching Resources Support on February 28, 2017 10:36


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