Work-related Learning Assessment Tool

The aim of this teaching resource is to assess the levels of knowlesge learnt throughout your work-related learning sessions.

Students must build their own individual assessment, gathering evidence to meet the criterior of the Economic well-being programme of study.

This can be introduced at the start of your WRL programme allowing students to complete it throughout the term.

The Categories Covered in this Assessment

As work-related learning falls into the programme of study for Economic well-being, this student aid covers the following categories:


1 - I understand that everyone has a ‘career’

2 - I am developing a sense of personal identity for career progression

3 - I understand the qualities, attitudes and skills needed for employability


1 - I have explored what it means to be enterprising

2 - I am learning how to manage money and personal finances

3 - I understand how to make creative and realistic plans for transition

4 - I am becoming a critical consumer of goods and services


1 - I understand risk in both positive and negative terms

2 - I understand the need to manage risk in the context of financial and career choices

3 - I have learnt about taking risks and learning from mistakes

Economic Understanding

1 - I have shown understanding of the economic and business environment

2 - I understand the functions and uses of money