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Manage your Millions Form Time Activities

WRL mini-module. Giving students an idea of how to handle finance in large amounts, with fun activities.
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This module is made up of 3 activities, each of which lasts no more than 20 minutes.

Learning objectives taken from key stage 3 and 4 programmes of study for Economic Well-being

1.2 Capability
Learning how to manage money and personal finances.
Becoming critical consumers of goods and services.

1.3 Risk
Understanding the need to manage risk in the context of financial and career choices.

1.4 Economic understanding
Understanding the functions and uses of money.

3.Range and content
Social and moral dilemmas about the use of money.


Introduce the students to the concept of mega-wealth by opening the PowerPoint presentation and displaying images of Bill Gates (left), Carlos Slim Helu1 (middle) and Warren Buffett2 (right). If you do not have PowerPoint facilities print out the slide and distribute copies.

Explain that these are generally acknowledged to be the world’s wealthiest men, with a combined wealth of around $180bn. You may want to mention some wealthy women or people from an ethnic minority background to add some diversity. For instance, JK Rowling is estimated to have earned £500m from the Harry Potter books. Lakshmi Mittal the steel magnate is Indian and the UK’s richest resident, or musician Jay-Z, who is estimated to have made $600m through recording labels, production fees, clothing lines and other business interests in the USA.