There are 36 Resources available to download for WRL Lesson Plans

Behaviour in the workplace small

As employers, we know how important it is for candidates to be able to present themselves well when it comes to recruitment.

With these ready to use work-related learning lesson plans you can cover both the basic skills required when applying for jobs as well as informing students about essential issues such as health & safety and teamwork.

As well as WRL lesson plans, there are also work experience teaching resources and related assembly plans and form time activities.

Topics covered in the WRL Lesson Plans resource set

This activity is designed to be used with learners before they undertake work experience placements. These activities help students to understand their responsibilities and the expectations employers will have of them.

Helpful and informative sections for applying for jobs, from CV writing to the actual interview.

An introduction to work and wages for students at key stage 3.

Helping students understand the local labour market and why it is useful to access information relating to it.

Learn more about money management with this series of financial capability lessons.

Give students information into health and safety and risk assessments.

These lessons aim to help students to understand all about business and the world of work.

This module of lessons introduces students to the concept of a "credit crunch" and its causes and consequences for individuals, communities and countries.

KS4 - Work Experience Resources - guidance and workbook

Work-related Learning (WRL) in the classroom

Whether you choose to use the resources in lesson time or through off-timetable events, can cater for a range of learning styles and abilities. With over 20 hours of WRL teaching resources you will be able to tackle any work-related learning issue instantly as all the lessons are available to download from our website and are ready to print and take into the classroom.

Work-experience in year 10

Whether it’s writing a CV for work experience, finding suitable work experience placements or writing work experience letters, these teaching resources guide the students through the process, even through to a work experience diary for them to complete.

Work-related Learning Teaching Resources

To help engage your students, we use real life scenarios and practical exercises to help build their knowledge. The topics available in WRL are varied and include behaviour in the workplace, labour market information, work and wages, economic ideas, professional skills, financial capability, applying for jobs, health and safety, how businesses work, local labour market and the credit crunch. There are also sport and active leisure diploma resources from the sector skills council, SkillsActive. The WRL teaching resources also include assembly plans, student worksheets and form time activities.

WRL Assessment Tool

We have included an in-depth student WRL assessment tool which your students can add to throughout the year and then use as a presentation at the end of year assessment.

Cross Curricular – Careers and Enterprise

As part of the provision for Economic wellbeing and financial capability, these teaching resources can also be used in conjunction with others from the careers and enterprise sections.

Vocational Ideas

WRL lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for the Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) - Work Related Learning and Enterprise, Personal and Social Development Qualification - Preparation for Work, Managing Own Money, Employability - Opportunities for Learning and Work from ASDAN. These lessons are also suitable for use with Preparation for Working Life with AQA; Preparing for Employment, Employability and Personal Development, Key Skills and Workplace Core Skills from City & Guild; Skills Towards Enabling Progression "Step Up" - Employability, Economic Well-Being and Financial Capability, Developing Skills for Employment from NOCN; Employability Skills - Preparation for Employment from OCR.