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Relationships Lesson Plan 3 - Homosexuality

Looking at relationships in a more general sense, including societies attitudes to homosexuality and homophobia.
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Connect the Learning

Remind the pupils of previous learning that is related to the lesson.

Teachers should connect the concept of love from sessions 1 and 2 to preconceptions that the relationships described have involved members opposite sex.

However such preconceptions do not truly reflect society.

The Big Picture

Give to students at the start of the lesson.

Explain how this lesson fits into the whole topic of work. This is particularly important at the beginning of a topic.

This is the final lesson of four that will seek to get your views on a range of sex and relationship issues that can be used to revise current thinking.

Learning Outcomes

In the first five minutes of the lesson inform pupils what they will have learnt by the end of the lesson.

Students to have acquired knowledge and understanding relating to:

Key terms.

- Historical backdrop to changes in the law regarding homosexuality.

- Concept of homophobic bullying.

Students to have developed greater empathy towards young people with alternative lifestyle relationships.


Present new information through as many of the senses as possible.

- Visual - Headlines relating to gay marriage.

- Auditory

- Kinaesthetic