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Relationships Lesson Plan 1 - Emotional Aspects of Relationships

What is love? In this lesson students write their own song about love and look at the complexities of human relationships. In a series of activities, students examine different definitions of love and consider qualities that they look for in other people. This is lesson 1 of 4 relationship lessons that help students understand meaningful relations.
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Emotional Aspects of Relationships

This Key Stage 4 lesson plan looks at the meaning of love from various angles. It introduces how different people, dating back all the way to the Ancient Greeks, view love. Different activities are presented that encourage different learners to engage and participate in the discussions, such as the use of photographs for visual learners and songs for auditory learners.

This PSHE resource looks at the sometimes sensitive issues of love and relationships, but uses different worksheets in order to engage the students and provide a platform for them to explore their ideas. Through the starting point of ‘what is love?’ the resource then looks at what makes a successful and positive relationship by identifying key qualities in friends and partners. Religion is also incorporated and students examine what love means in a Biblical sense.

This lesson on relationship is part of a four part topic on relationships, which goes on to study sexual aspects of relationships as well as homosexuality and common issues, which can be found in our KS4 Relationships resource.