KS4 - Relationships - 4 PSHE lessons

This module focuses on relationships of all different sorts, and on the emotion of love itself.

This series of 4 PSHE lessons on relationships is not about the facts of life or contraception, but about the emotions and choices that surround being in a relationship.

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Media portrayal of young people and their relationships, using PowerPoint presentation and a carousel of activities.

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What is love? In this lesson students write their own song about love and look at the complexities of human relationships.

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Introduces sexual relationships into the heady mix of love and relationships discussed in the previous lessons.

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Looking at relationships in a more general sense, including societies attitudes to homosexuality and homophobia.

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Relationships Lesson Plans for PSHE

Some students may find it difficult to cope with the pressure of a serious relationship. In this series of teaching resources, we cover topics such as love, religious aspects, sexuality and emotions.

Lesson 1 – Emotional Aspects of a Relationship

Broken down into 4 activities, students explore the concept of love using pictures, songs and poems. They must then apply some of the characteristics to those they would hope to find in a friend.

Lesson 2 – Looking Closely at the Emotional Aspects

We now introduce some other key terms associated with love, including sex. A series of individual and class activities explore the choice and pressures that students may face.

Lesson 3 – Homosexuality

In this module, students look at the different type of relationships and sexualities and the prejudices they may face. The student activities also involve looking at how different relationships can sometimes clash with religious beliefs.

Lesson 4 – Views on Sex and Relationship Issues

In this final session, students are given the opportunity to consider their feeling through class discussion and group activity.

Vocational Qualifications

These relationship lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for Preparation for Working Life - Healthy Lifestyles and Relationships from AQA. These lessons are also suitable for use with Key Skills and Work Place Core Skills - Healthy Living from City & Guilds; Personal and Social Development Qualification - Healthy Living from ASDAN.