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Teenage Pregnancy Lesson Plan 1 - The Social Issue of Teenage Pregnancy

What are students attitudes towards teenage pregnancy? This lesson includes a carousel of activities and looks at the social background of pregnancy among teenagers in the UK.
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Connect the Learning

Remind the pupils of previous learning that is related to the lesson.

Teacher to remind students of previous learning at Key Stage 3 relating to human reproduction, contraception and STI’s.

The Big Picture

Give to pupils at the start of the lesson.

Explain how this lesson fits into the whole topic of work. This is particularly important at the beginning of a topic.

The work to be undertaken now has a distinct emphasis on ‘relationships’ and the social issue of teenage pregnancy.

Learning Outcomes

In the first five minutes of the lesson inform pupils what they will have learnt by the end of the lesson.

Students to have:

1 Explored their own attitudes and those of others towards teenage pregnancy.

2 Gained knowledge and understanding of the social context behind teenage pregnancy.


Present new information through as many of the senses as possible.

- Visual

- Auditory

- Kinaesthetic