KS4 - Teenage Pregnancy - 4 PSHE lessons

To raise awareness and target issues surrounding and regarding teenage pregnancy in the UK.

Ideal for key stage 4, these lessons include worksheets, activities, case studies, PowerPoint presentations and group exercises.

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In this lesson the students look at stereotypes of teenage parents, along with the social and economic costs of teenage pregnancy.

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Social issues around teenage parents are explored using the "Facts of 5" approach. Students also create their own "prejudice cards".

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What are students attitudes towards teenage pregnancy? This lesson includes a carousel of activities and looks at the social background of pregnancy among teenagers in the UK.

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Using the Human Barometer approach, students review their learning over the past 3 lessons. Changes in attitudes are noted in the Agony Aunt activity.

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More About the Teenage Pregnancy Lesson Plans

Targeted at key stage 4 students, these PSHE lessons follow on from previous learning about human reproduction, contraception and STI’s, by focussing on the relationships and the social issues. Students will reflect on their own attitudes towards teenage parents and will also uncover some of the myths.

Lesson 1 – The Social Issue of Teenage Pregnancy

In the first activity in this lesson, students look at statistics and key facts about the topic. This is followed by a group exercise and class discussion.

Lesson 2 – Student Perceptions

Students examine their own thoughts about the subject – are they stereotyping? Using a case study, the lesson goes on to look at social and economic costs resulting from the story.

Lesson 3 – Social Issues Explored

A teacher led activity looks at further facts on this topic. This is followed by student activities that consider myths and prejudice.

Lesson 4 – Myths of Teenage Pregnancy

In the final lesson, students complete a ‘fact or fiction’ activity. Using case studies, the level of understanding can be assessed.

Vocational Qualifications

These teenage pregnancy lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for Preparation for Working Life - Relationships from AQA. These lessons are also suitable for use with Key Skills and Work Place Core Skills - Healthy Living from City & Guilds; Personal and Social Development Qualification - Parenting Skills from ASDAN.