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Drugs Form Time Activities

PSHE mini-module. Help students understand the dangers of drug taking and the implications. Help them understand how to make informed choices regarding drugs. Let them know who to talk to and where to obtain help and information from.
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##Drugs - 3 Form Time Activities These resources are made up of three twenty-minute activities, designed to make students aware of the everyday problems of drugs and alcohol, and how to make the right choice if faced with specific situations. These mini lesson plans for Key Stage 4 are very engaging and fun for the children, using role-play and relatable activities for them to get involved in, while remaining focused fully on the topics in question. The practical element of each activity highlights different aspects of drug use, such as the effect it has on the society as a whole or on the abuser’s family. The review of each activity also explores the effect on the individual as a drug user, discussing health implications, cost, etc. The final activity in the topic encourages the students to have their own opinions on drug use, and to discuss and help each other if they are not sure.