KS4 - Drugs - 3 form time activities

Mini-modules are devised by teachers and are designed to fill 20 minutes of teaching time. Ideal for lesson fillers, form periods or tutor time.

In this KS4 module, we think about illegal substance abuse and learn about the school policy on drugs as well as sources of further advice both inside and outside school.

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PSHE mini-module. Help students understand the dangers of drug taking and the implications. Help them understand how to make informed choices regarding drugs. Let them know who to talk to and where to obtain help and information from.

PSHE Drugs Form Time Activities for KS4

This series of 3, key stage 4 activities is ideal for use in form time sessions, as each lesson is designed to last no more than 20 minutes. The focus of these lessons is illegal drugs and the school policy.

Lesson 1 – Information and Advice

In a TV show style exercise, students consider the issue from the perspective of those who give support. Students role-play representatives from these sources of help and the class evaluate the findings.

Lesson 2 – Messages About Drugs

In the second activity, students develop an understanding of the environmental, social, economic and emotional effects as well as the health and legal aspects of illegal substance misuse.

Lesson 3 – How Do You Feel About Drugs?

In the final lesson in this series, students must consider their own opinions on the subject. A series of class activities help to uncover their feelings.

Vocational Qualifications

These drugs lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for Preparation for Working Life - Healthy Lifestyles from AQA. These lessons are also suitable for use with Key Skills and Work Place Core Skills - Healthy Living from City & Guilds; Personal and Social Development Qualification - Healthy Living from ASDAN.