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Depression Lesson Plan 1 - The Concept of Depression

This lesson is the first in a series of four, highlighting the pressures upon young people that may lead to ill health. Completing this lesson will give students a greater understanding of the concept of depression in relation to the healthy triangle. These lessons can be linked to work undertaken in drugs or alcohol modules.
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The Concept of Depression

The first in a series of four lesson plans on depression, this resource looks at what depression is and encourages students to understand the concept of depression. Beginning by looking at fact or fiction cards, in order to establish how much pupils already know about the subject before each student comes up with their own definition. These teaching resources then use various worksheets to further explore depression and its effects on the individual. By looking at fact sheets about depression and completing group work that incorporates the health triangle, students will learn and present their findings about the social, mental and physical aspects of depression.

This comprehensive teaching resource contains everything needed to deliver a fluent, thorough lesson that will engage students in their learning of depression. For more teaching resources on depression and other, similar topics in the subject of PSHE.