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Cannabis and Mental Health Lesson Plan 3 - Social Implications

The effect of drugs is often misunderstood by many young people so as a teacher of this topic you will need to deliver a lesson which will show the wider social implications of drug use and the negative aspects associated to misuse. By downloading the Social Implications teaching material you will have a fluid and structured lesson plan. The teaching material which we have developed has been intuitively designed and planned to achieve your curriculum goals and give you direction for teaching with conviction.
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About the Social Implications Lesson Plan

This lesson starts by recapping on the previous lesson to ensure that there were no areas that were misunderstood or require further clarity for the students. The recap is carried out in a question and answer format to ensure an open learning environment. The lesson then aims to give a number of classroom activities to engage students. A case study is also available which gets students to identify social and economic costs. This learning is further reinforced by a teacher presentation and photographic resource sheet which ensures students can identify key issues.


The aim of this lesson is to give students the opportunity to test their skills of analysis by studying a case study related to the social costs of cannabis and mental health problems. The lesson also aims to give students a greater understanding of the consequences of drug use. Apart from these learning goals the lesson hopes to give students the opportunity to work on case studies and work in groups therefore ensuring that their communication skills are challenged and that they develop intellectual peer-to-peer relations.

Learning Outcomes

The main learning outcomes from this lesson plan include a student’s ability to: • Understand the social and economic costs of taking cannabis • Understand the consequences of cannabis addition in relation to mental health problems • Understand the wider issues of drug misuse By using the Social Implications lesson plan you will be ensuring that your students walk away from your class fully equipped with the knowledge of the consequences of cannabis addiction and the social and economic costs that this addition has on society.