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Cannabis and Mental Health Lesson Plan 2 - Mental Health Problems

It is important that young people understand this topic to ensure that they can notice the signs in themselves, friends and family and act accordingly. This lesson is therefore vital for a student’s self-development and as a teacher it is your responsibility to ensure they fully comprehend this topic. By downloading the Mental Health Problems lesson material you can benefit your students as a prepared teacher is a better teacher. By having this lesson plan you can ensure that you teach your students with confidence with your teaching.
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About the Mental Health Problems Lesson Plan

The Mental Health Problems lesson is a vital lesson on Cannabis and Mental Health. This lesson looks into greater detail about the topic of mental health and the disorders related to it. The lesson also covers the issue of addiction and classifies how different people comprehend addiction. All the material that is taught to students during this lesson is backed up with research findings and facts, so that students understand that this is a real issue. The lesson is a mixture of classroom activities including individual work as well a group activity. The group activity is a game that has been designed to be fun and engaging – while based on a serious subject – students are encouraged to reflect once the game is over.


The aim of this lesson plan is to ensure that students understand the different types of mental health disorders and that they understand how these disorders can affect an individual and their families. A whole plethora of different mental illnesses are discussed throughout the lesson to give students an appreciation that mental health ranges from stress and anxiety to areas such as schizophrenia. This is an appreciation that they may not have had before this lesson is taught to them.

Learning Outcomes

The main learning outcomes from this lesson plan include a student’s ability to: • Understand the key types of mental health disorders associated with cannabis • Understand the effects that cannabis misuse can have on individuals and their families By using the Mental Health Problems lesson plan you will be reminding students of the previous lessons learnt on the topic of cannabis and get them to effectively discuss the issues of cannabis addiction and its relationship to mental health.