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Cannabis and Mental Health Lesson Plan 1 - Cannabis and Mental Health

We have developed a complete lesson plan on this topic and for many teachers it is an essential guide for teaching about cannabis misuse and how cannabis is related to mental health. By downloading this lesson plan you can ensure structure and context for your lesson. The lesson plans don’t comprise spontaneity and are a valuable framework for student learning as well as reflection and evaluation.
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About the Cannabis and Mental Health Lesson Plan

The Cannabis and Mental Health lesson plan mainly focuses on the subject of cannabis (mental health issues are comprehensively covered in lesson two). The lesson has been designed to ensure that students understand cannabis and the issues that it can have on health and social lives. The lesson engages students to understand about the topic by giving them an exercise on what they know about mental health issues related to cannabis. Areas such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders can then be discussed in a teacher-led debate. The lesson closes with an interactive word search which students can complete in pairs. The objective of the exercise is to reinforce to students what the mental health issues related from cannabis misuse are.


The aim of this lesson plan is to ensure that students understand what cannabis is and that they have a greater understanding the effects of drugs misuse. The lesson uses the health triangle to as well as many classroom activities. The lesson also aims to pull together learning that has taken place in other subjects such as the alcohol lesson where the health triangle is also used as a key learning resource. By using this credible and relevant lesson plan you will be ensuring that students will gain an understanding of the implications of drug misuse.

Learning Outcomes

The main learning outcomes from this lesson plan include a student’s ability to: • Understand how the health triangle relates to cannabis • Gain an appreciation about mental health and the problems that are linked to it By using the Cannabis and Mental Health lesson plan you will ensure that your students have an appreciation of how cannabis can affect their life both from a health perspective and from a social life aspect.