KS4 - Cannabis and Mental Health - 4 Lessons

The Cannabis and Mental Health subject is part of a schools commitment to drugs education. To aid your teaching we have developed four structured lessons.

Download these lessons plans and ensure that your teaching is succinctly delivered to your students. By using this teaching material you can be safe in the knowledge that the lesson plan has been designed to encourage student communication, so that students can have a more engaged discussion on the topic in an open teaching forum, promoting healthy learning.

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If you require support and advice when teaching a lesson on Cannabis and Mental Health then you need to download our teaching resources.

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Mental health is an issue that ranges from worries that affect us all to more serious life-changing conditions that can end up altering someone’s life.

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The Social Implications of taking cannabis is a key lesson to teach students as they will be of an impressionable age that they need to know all the facts and relevant information.

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The media plays and ever-growing role in young people’s lives especially with social media becoming prominent in their day-to-day activities.

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Summary of Cannabis and Mental Health Lesson Plans for PSHE

Drugs education can be a difficult subject to teach students and that is why these lesson plans have been designed with sensitivity.

It is important to stress that when you are teaching about cannabis and mental health you should ensure that all students listen to each other and that students have the right to pass on questions they don’t feel comfortable in answering. As a teacher it is important to ensure that the teaching environment advocates confidentiality and discretion.

These lessons are designed to ensure learning standards are met and achieved with students able to think individually, use their decision-making skills as well as helping others understand.

To cover this topic effectively we have designed four lesson plans which can be summarised as follows:

Lesson Plan 1 – Cannabis and Mental Health

In the first lesson students are introduced to the topic of cannabis and mental health. Students will learn about the effects that taking cannabis has on their on their own health as well as on their social lives. The concept of the health triangle (which is also covered in the Alcohol lesson plans) will be discussed and students will be asked to reflect on the physical, mental and social implications in relation to cannabis.

Lesson Plan 2 – Mental Health Problems

The first lesson focused on the topic of cannabis whereas lesson two has been designed to focus on the effect that cannabis has on mental health and the problems that can arise from taking the drug. The lesson includes a number of activities which aim to teach students about the different health disorders that are associated to cannabis.

Lesson Plan 3 – Social Implications

The Social Implications lesson looks at the social implications that arise when someone is addicted to cannabis. The social implication includes looking at the social and economic costs. The lesson includes a number of exercises and activities for students to undertake to reinforce the key features of cannabis misuse.

Lesson Plan 4 – The Role of the Media

In the final lesson, the role of the media is discussed in relation to cannabis. It is a chance for students to look through the eyes of the media and how they report on cannabis and mental health in news stories. The lesson plan includes a role play where students get the opportunity to be a journalist and write a story with fellow students to engage them about the topic.