KS3&4 - Revision - 4 Lessons

Preparation is the key to successful revision and as a teacher you need to prepare your students to achieve exam success. To help you accomplish this we have developed a number of revision lesson plans to engage your students in order to increase their motivation and attitudes to revision.

These lesson plans are available now for immediate download and include a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation as well as worksheets on the subject to aid teaching and teacher-led discussion. Ensure your teaching covers all required outcomes by download these teaching plans today.

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Preparation is the key to success. This lesson plan focuses on getting your students ready for an exam.

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Why Revise? This will probably be a question that as a teacher you will be asked often.

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There are many different revision techniques that can be used when preparing for an exam.

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Exam preparation can be a daunting and anxious time for students and that is why this series of revision lesson plans are vital to prepare students. In this final lesson plan the topic of exam preparation and reflection is covered.

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Summary of the Revision Lesson Plans for PSHE

For many students the thought of revising can be daunting and therefore your role as a teacher is critical. That is why Teaching Resources UK have specifically created these PSHE revision plans to help you prepare your students for revising successfully as well as helping them develop their own personal revision strategy.

It should be noted that these plans have been designed so they can be easily adapted to any subject. The plans are also aimed at KS4 and Post 16 students but the lesson plans can also be used to teach KS3. This teaching material is invaluable in helping teachers equip and engage their students with the tools for successful revision and are a revision resource no teacher should be without. The lesson plans are summarised as follows:

Lesson Plan 1 – Why Revise?

This initial lesson looks at why revision is important. Your students will have taken exams before and regardless of whether they were previously successful or not, all students will benefit from developing and enhancing their revision skills. Therefore, this lesson uses both group and individual classroom activity to inform and get your students ready and in the mind-set to start revising.

Lesson Plan 2 – Getting Prepared

We all learn in different ways and this lesson plan appreciates that your students are individuals. The lesson aims to help students identify their individual learning styles and shows them how various revision methods may help them revise more effectively. The lesson plan also looks at how a revision timetable should be created and populated.

Lesson Plan 3 – Revision Techniques

This lesson plan builds on the foundations that were established in the previous lesson where the concept of individual learning was covered. This plan highlights further the main ways that individuals learn and looks at the three learning styles of auditory, visual and kinaesthetic. The lesson plans gets students to appreciate these different learning techniques and to consider which methods will help them in their own revision.

Lesson Plan 4 – Exam Techniques

The final lesson in this revision series considers the actual examination and gives students useful advice to ensure that anxiety doesn’t overwhelm them. The lesson also provides the perfect opportunity for teachers to remind students of the examination process as well as giving them advice on what to expect on results day. For more information about the lesson plans, visit the individual lesson plan pages.