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Diversity Lesson Plan 4 - How Has Diversity Shaped Britain?

The influence of diverse peoples coming to the UK over the year. What would the UK be like without ethnic, racial or cultural diversity?
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Connect the Learning

Teacher Input - “This is the final lesson of 4 on the topic of Diversity. In previous lessons we learnt about what diversity means, the history of diversity, and how different we really are. Who can remind me of what diversity means?”

The Big Picture

Teacher input - The curriculum aims for the PSHE: Personal Wellbeing programme of study include young people becoming “responsible citizens who make a positive contribution to society.” The requirement is for the issues of diversity and prejudice to be tackled at KS3.

Learning Outcomes

From the key stage 3 PSHE: Personal Wellbeing programme of study;

1.5 Diversity

a Appreciating that, in our communities, there are similarities as well as differences between people of different race, religion, culture, ability or disability, gender, age or sexual orientation.


Activity 1: Class brainstorm

In the previous lesson students explored what makes people different and how people are similar. In this, the final lesson in the diversity module, the class will be learning about the ways in which diversity has influenced British culture and society, and what binds us together. Firstly, ask the students to think of things that different nationalities and groups have brought to the UK – food, music, religious celebrations, language etc. Write examples on the board.