KS4 - Pitching ideas - 3 form time activities

Three pitching ideas lessons for key stage 4 enterprise.

These activities work through the enterprise process and conclude with a 'Dragons Den' style pitch to the rest of the class.

These 20 minute modules are devised by teachers and are ideal for lesson fillers, form periods or tutor time.

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Students will learn about strengths and weaknesses when pitching ideas

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Pitching Ideas Enterprise Activities for Form Time

It is often difficult to find space in the school timetable to deliver enterprise education, so these 20 minute activities have been developed to help. Broken down into 3 lessons, students will work through some key elements in the enterprise process and will demonstrate their learning with a class activity in the style of ‘Dragons Den’.

Lesson 1 – The Enterprise Process – Skills and Processes

This module begins with a teacher led discussion to establish key enterprise skills. This is followed by individual and class activities with the opportunity for a further Q&A discussion.

Lesson 2 – The Enterprise Process – Adding Value

Working in pairs, students must take an everyday object and think of ways to make it better.

Lesson 3 – The Enterprise Process – Pitch Your Ideas

In the final activity, students must pitch their ideas to the rest of the class. Students rotate to take on different roles in the activity, for example, investors, camera crew, score keepers etc.