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Implementation of New Business Ideas Lesson Plan 6 - Making a Case

A "dragons den" type activity is the conclusion to this module. Students work on their presentation skills whilst learning what investors are looking for in a business.
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Connect the Learning

Recap on the previous lesson which explored the financial aspects of running a business.

The Big Picture

This lesson looks at how to gain financial investment.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, students will have demonstrated their understanding of implementing a new idea by presenting to an audience of business investors.


Display accompanying PowerPoint – slide 1. Explain that they are going to take on the role of someone who has an idea for a new product and is presenting it to a group of business investors.

They will select one of the items from the ‘Opportunity cards’ or an idea of their own and put together a presentation that must take no longer than five minutes to give.

The presentations could take place in other sessions or be used over an extended period of time. This could also be appropriate as an opportunity to provide an off timetable activity.