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Implementation of New Business Ideas Lesson Plan 2 - Being the Boss

Students learn about the level of commitment which is necessary to run your own business.
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Connect the Learning

Recap on the previous lesson which identified the advantages and disadvantages of running a business.

The Big Picture

This lesson looks at business start up and personal motivation.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this session, students will appreciate the different levels of commitment that are needed to make a new business successful.


Distribute or provide access to the ‘Roles and responsibilities’ sheet. Talk through the activities that they are going to carry out and explain that the purpose is to help them to understand what is really involved in starting up a business, particularly one where you are the only boss.


- Individual Activity: Students use the student sheets. They carry out the first part of the exercise as an individual.

- Partnered Activity: Students then go on to interview their partners. One partner interviews the other and lists the skills that the person thinks they have got already or would be willing to acquire. The roles are then reversed.

Students analyse the results to see whether they gave more positive answers than negative ones, both in their own exercise and when they worked with their partner.