KS4 - Financial Risks in Business - 5 lessons

Discussing the different financial risks in business and how to deal with them.

In this series of 5 enterprise lesson plans for key stage 4, students work through a series of activities on this topic.

These teaching resources also include student worksheets, PowerPoint slides and plenary activities.

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Using data from the FTSE 100 website, students understand how investments can rise and fall.

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Using a case study of a record shop business, students carry out a risk analysis using a SWOT diagram.

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PowerPoint slides are used to illustrate what risks are evident in a business scenario.

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What would students be prepared to risk personally for what level of reward? Are rewards for work solely financial?

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Creating a diagram showing different levels of risk, students understand how different levels of risk can be communicated within an organisation.

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Financial Risks in Business – Enterprise Teaching Resources

In this series of five lesson plans for KS4 enterprise, students work through the principles of financial risk, looking at different types of risk and reasons for taking them.

Lesson 1 – Different Risks

Working with a partner, students look at a range of scenarios and asses the level of financial threat. They must then decide if the decision is acceptable or not.

Lesson 2 – Personal Reward

Using a case study and student worksheet, pupils must work in small groups to discuss a series of questions. By the end of the session, they should be able to identify how strong their desire is for as personal reward.

Lesson 3 – Balancing the Risks

This activity requires access to the internet, so could be used in part as a homework exercise. The aim of this lesson is to display that risks must be reviewed as they may change over time.

Lesson 4 – Reporting on Risks

Students must now consider the scenario, if a company is doing well, then owners, managers or employees may not worry too much about risks, but what if the company begins to struggle?

Lesson 5 – Would You Risk It?

To summarise this module, students are now given a case study and must take on the role of one of the characters. They must prepare a SWOT analysis of the situation.

Vocational Qualifications

These financial risks in business lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for Employability - Exploring Business and Enterprise from ASDAN.