KS3 - Enterprise and the community - 4 lessons

A module of 4 lessons using enterprise skills and qualities to make changes in local communities.

Students may not necessarily realise that enterprise can be applied at a local level. These activities look at ways to use their entrepreneurial skills to make a difference in your community.

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Students dream up their ideal community.

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What is our community like?

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Students use action planning to take practical steps to turn their vision of a better place to live into a reality.

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Students research the best person to contact at their local council or MP about their plans for their community.

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Enterprise and the Community

These teaching resources guide students through the processes necessary to make changes to their communities, concluding with the preparation of a proposal which could be put to the local council.

Lesson 1 – Our Community

Working in groups, students discuss the local area and things that they consider to be issues. They then develop the concept of a perfect community and demonstrate how that differs from reality.

Lesson 2 – Making Changes Part 1

Having identified what would need changing, students must now discover how to make the changes happen. Can the best ideas be applied to your community in real life?

Lesson 3 – Making Changes Part 2

A teacher led introduction to this lesson involves identifying which ideas can be put into practice. Students then work in groups to devise an action plan to put forward.

Lesson 4 – Making Changes Part 3

Working in groups, students must identify who they need to contact to make their change happen and prepare a written proposal. As a plenary exercise, they must also consider organisations what may be able to help their cause.