KS3 - What is enterprise? - 4 lessons

An introduction to enterprise and entrepreneurial skills. Includes enterprise lessons using case studies, student activities and review, and problem-solving.

At key stage 3, pupils can begin to learn about what it means to be enterprising. In this series of 4 teaching resources, we look at some of the core principles of enterprise.

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Students learn the meaning of key words relating to enterprise and enterprise skills.

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Using hip hop mogul Jay-Z as a case study, students learn about entrepreneurial skills and qualities.

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Developing students problem solving skills.

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What enterprise skills might the student already have? What can they develop and work on?

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What is Enterprise? Teaching Resources for KS3

With learning outcomes from the Economic well-being and financial capability programme of study, students are encouraged to learn what it means to be enterprising and start to identify if they have the skills to become an entrepreneur.

Lesson 1 – Jay Z

By using this topical example, students complete both class and group work to identify enterprise skills and consider what can be learnt from him.

Lesson 2 – Defining Keywords

As a class, pupils will compile their own list of words to define enterprise, they then continue this activity by learning the true meanings of each.

Lesson 3 – Problem Solving

The key message of this lesson is that enterprise skills such as problem solving are important for like and work for everyone. Working in small groups, pupils explore this concept.

Lesson 4 – Enterprise Skills and You

In the final activity, students work individually to think about their own enterprise skills and present their thoughts. In the review activity, pupils identify how to develop their enterprise abilities.