There are 45 Resources available to download for Enterprise Lesson Plans

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Produced in conjunction with ASTs and business advisors, the lesson plans, assemblies and form time activities bring real entrepreneurs experiences into the classroom.

Students explore the concept of success and indeed failure of entrepreneurial ideas and how to assess these outcomes.

The enterprise teaching resources are designed so that they can fit easily into your timetable, sequentially or as independent exercises to suit your own context. They can also be used across mixed ability groups.

Topics covered in the Enterprise Lesson Plans resource set

An introduction to enterprise and entrepreneurial skills. Includes enterprise lessons using case studies, student activities and review, and problem-solving.

A module of 4 lessons using enterprise skills and qualities to make changes in local communities.

A history of changes in the world of work and how to prepare to keep up with the ever continuous change.

Discussing the different financial risks in business and how to deal with them.

Building on the innovation lessons for KS4 enterprise, these activities take a closer look at the business angle of implementing a new idea and whether an idea is good enough to work.

Enterprise teaching resources for key stage 4, including gadgets, the Internet and a chair! All these and more are covered in these lessons exploring innovation throughout history.

Enterprise teaching resources for key stage 4 that teach students about buying and selling shares on the stock exchange.

This module explores the concept of uncertainty both in work and life. How have people and companies coped with uncertainty in the past?

Three pitching ideas lessons for key stage 4 enterprise.

Download our easy to use enterprise assessment tool for key stage 4 students. Effective assessment plus improving ICT skills all at once.

What is enterprise?

Enterprise is defined as an organisation or plan, particularly designed to earn money, while enterprising defines someone who is good at thinking of and doing new and difficult things, especially things that will make money. In the current economic climate, standing out from the crowd will be vital for your students as they progress through further and higher education into the world of work.

Enterprise in school

As part of the programme of study for Economic wellbeing and financial capability, enterprise education seeks to encourage student to explore what it means to be enterprising. This could mean looking at their own qualities, problem solving or managing risks. As a non-statutory curriculum requirement, it can challenging to find space in your timetable to cover these topics, so there are a range of teaching resources, including lesson plans, assemblies and form time activities of varying lengths to meet your requirement.

Enterprise topics

Our enterprise teaching resources including worksheets cover the following topics: what is enterprise?, enterprise and the community, economic ideas, financial capability, changes in the world of work, financial risks in business, implementing new business ideas, innovation throughout history, stock exchange, uncertainty in the workplace and pitching ideas. There are also teaching resources and worksheets for enterprise week (in November) and a student assessment tool.

Cross Curricular – WRL and Form Time

You may also find that some of the learning outcomes for enterprise can also be supported by modules from our work-related learning or form time teaching resources.

Vocational Qualifications

These Enterprise lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for Preparation for Working Life - Enterprise Activities from AQA. These lessons are also suitable for use with Employability - exploring Business and Enterprise from ASDAN; Preparing for Employment from City & Guilds; Skills Towards Enabling Progression "Step Up" - Enterprise Project, Economic Well-Being and Financial Capability - Business and Enterprise from NOCN; Employability Skills - Young Enterprise from OCR.