KS4 - Citizenship Assessment Tool

KS4 - Citizenship Assessment Tool for Key Stage 4

Assessing students’ knowledge, skills and understanding in citizenship can sometimes be a challenge. We have therefore devised this assessment module in conjunction with teachers who know how to best asses the levels of understanding of this subject.

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A PowerPoint presentation completed by students which monitors their citizenship and personal well-being skills and understanding.

Contains 4 Document
  • Pdf TRS PWB Assessment Teacher Guidance
  • Powerpoint TRS PWB Assessment
  • Word TRS PWB Assessment Student Checklist
  • Word TRS Assessment Student Activity List

Citizenship Assessment Tool

In order to complete this exercise, you may need to refresh your students’ memories about what activities they have taken part in and how those activities may have developed their citizenship skills. To help you to do this we have added an activity list sheet that you can use on a white board to the whole class or give each student a print out. The activity list needs to be completed by you, perhaps in a brainstorming session with the class. Simply write down as many activities as possible that may be relevant, including enrichment days, projects completed in subjects and extra-curricular activities.

Student Guidance

To help the students further, we have included an assessment checklist that students can complete. By referring to the activities outlined on the activity list, and the skills headings on the assessment checklist, they should be able to pull together information to help them complete the PowerPoint presentation.

Vocational Qualifications

This citizenship assessment tool can be used to support learning outcomes for Community Volunteering Qualifications, Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE) - Citizenship and Community, Personal and Social Development Qualification - Community Action from ASDAN.