KS4 - Politics - 4 lessons

Make students aware of how local governments help them and the ways in which they affect their lives.

Help them understand the importance of their role within their local government and how they can take part in the democratic process.

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This lesson helps students understand more about how the European parliament operates, and what their MEP does. It also gets them to identify their own MEP.

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Key stage 4 lesson plan, worksheet and PowerPoint presentation introducing politics and central government.

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Working in teams, students take part in a quiz testing their knowledge based on the previous 3 lessons in this module.

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Using a PowerPoint presentation and a quiz, students are introduced to the work of local government and what responsibilities their council has.

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More About the Politics Activities for Citizenship

This series of lesson plans explains the differences between the various levels of government. We look at the different responsibilities so that students can understand where decisions affecting them are made.

Lesson 1 – Local Government

A student activity to identify the responsibilities of their local council. We also recap on the concept of councillors and local elections.

Lesson 2 – Central Government

Students match departmental names with their responsibilities at a national level. Groups elect a “prime minister”, and decide which departments to have in their own government.

Lesson 3 – European Parliament

The class role-play as member states and begin to learn about the committee system used. Students represent individual countries and as groups, decide on the outcome of particular scenarios.

Final Session

As assess the level of knowledge gained in this exercise, student must demonstrate that they understand where different decisions are made. A plenary exercise is also included.

Vocational Qualifications

These politics lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for Key Skills and Workplace Core Skills - Individual Rights and Responsibilities from City & Guilds. These lessons are also suitable for use with Skills Towards Enabling Progression "Step Up" - Rights and Responsibilities from NOCN; Citizenship Studies - Identity, Democracy and Justice from OCR.