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Local Action Lesson Plan 2 - Taking Action

Once students have come up with some ideas, they then need to understand who they should send their ideas to at the local council. In the second of 3 lessons in this series, students discover the different responsibilities in local councils, trough to central government and identify the relevant department for to present their proposal to.
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Local Action - Taking Action Lesson Plan

This is the second of three lessons which are focused on students taking local action to improve their community.

The Big Picture

In this lesson students will decide who is the most relevant body to send their idea to – their local council or their local Member of Parliament (MP). Through this exercise they will understand the difference between the two. This lesson plan follows on from PDC Citizenship Local Action Lesson 1.

Learning Outcomes

Students understand the importance of playing a part in democratic processes, they will express and justify their own opinions to the rest of the class, and consider taking part in a community activity.


Students are presented with a range of activities carried out at local or central government level.

Activity 1

Write a list of responsibilities on the whiteboard which are carried out by local and central government. So for example, the list of central government responsibilities could include tax (Inland Revenue, Customs and Excise), benefits, pensions, immigration, National Health Service, Child Support Agency. Local government responsibilities could include council housing, council tax, planning, rubbish collection, local environment, local election administration…