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Critical Consumers Lesson Plan 4 - Review

What questions have students learned to ask about buying products? This lesson is a review of the critical consumers module.
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Connect the Learning

Refer students to any other lessons they may have done that cover fair-trade products, and consumer choices.

The Big Picture

Students are encouraged to learn about becoming critical consumers as part of the Economic Wellbeing programme of study at key stage 3.

The learning outcomes

Learning objective taken from key stage 3 and 4 programmes of study for Economic Well-being:
1.2 Capability
d. becoming critical consumers of goods and services.
And from the Citizenship programme of study at key stage
3: 3. Range and content
e. actions that individuals can take to influence decisions affecting communities and the environment


Activity 1: Teacher input
Remind students of the topic by showing them the first four slides of the PowerPoint TRU_PSHEKS3_CriticalConsumers_L4.
Working in groups, each group makes notes of the statements on slide 4.

Activity 2: Student activity – groups work

Working in their groups, the students need to take one of the slides 6-11 to explore as a topic.

Use slide 5 as an example of the kind of questions that they need to explore in their topic...