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Democracy Lesson Plan 2 - Alternatives to Democracy

What exactly is a "oligarchy"? Is an autocracy a bad thing? This lesson introduces students to alternatives to democratic systems. This student activity explains the difference between the different types of rule and looks at the benefits and weaknesses of each. The lesson is in 2 parts which encourages class discussion and creative writing.
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Connect the Learning

Teacher input:
“In the last session we looked at Athenian Society around 500BC and how the Ancient Greeks used a democratic system of voting.
This is as part of our Citizenship work on democracy.”

The Big Picture

Teacher input:
“This is lesson 2 of 4, where we will continue to examine the concept of democracy, and look at some of the alternatives.
What do you understand by the word “democracy”?
Can you give me any examples of democracy in action, perhaps in this school?”

The Learning Outcomes

From the key stage 3 Citizenship programme of study:

1.1 Democracy and justice Sections 1, 2 3 and 4.
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Student worksheet activity: pairs or individually:
Hand the students copies of the worksheet which introduces them to alternative forms of political systems.
They can work in pairs or individually.