KS4 - Research Skills - 3 lessons

Present information on how to research future career possibilities and how to use different research skills.

This is a series of practical exercises that give students the opportunity to explore the many and various sources of information when it comes to researching careers.

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Tru careers research skills l1 small

Working in groups, students research aspects of particular jobs using different kinds of resources.

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Tru careers research skills l2 small

This lesson puts the emphasis on how students research information, and developing research skills.

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Role playing makes for an entertaining conclusion to the Research Skills module. Students demonstrate what they have learned in previous lessons.

Researching Careers Student Activities

When looking at future career paths, the internet can provide a host of information about entry requirements, qualifications etc, but how do pupils decipher all the information? In these activities, pupils are given specific tasks to complete using appropriate sources of information.

Lesson 1 – Researching Careers

In stage 1, students work in groups to complete 3 tasks which form the foundations of this series of activities.

Lesson 2 – Skills

The groups must now identify relevant information from the resources available. Research areas include job descriptions, linking skills to GCSE subjects, entry requirements and college experience.

Lesson 3 – Sharing Research

In this role play exercise, students present their findings to the rest of the class. The module concludes with a class discussion about the variety of resources and how these skills can be allied to the individual students’ career choices.

Vocational Qualifications

These researching careers lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for Preparation for Work Life - Employment Opportunities, Hazard Identification from AQA. These lessons are also suitable for use with Career Planning, Certificate of Personal Effectiveness - Vocational and Diploma Preparation, Employability - Career Exploration, Exploring Job Opportunities from ASDAN; Preparing for Employment from City & Guilds; Employability Skills - Opportunities from OCR.