KS4 - Skills for the Workplace

These activities are useful for pre-work experience or as part of work-related learning or careers programmes of study.

Encourage students to think about their workplace skills and gain some useful knowledge before leaving the classroom.

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In this activity students use a game to help them understand the key points of good customer service.

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As students begin to think about their work placements or part-time jobs, they must first be aware of possible hazards. These include health & safety issues

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These activities are useful for pre-work experience or as part of work-related learning or diploma programmes of study.

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Skills for the workplace lesson plans

In this series of careers lesson plans, students will find out what skills they have and which they will need when entering the workplace. These skills will be invaluable when they are on work placement or starting their first jobs.

Lesson 1 - Customer Service

Effective customer service is essential to businesses today. Without it businesses would lose customers to competitors. So what does effective customer service mean? What skills do students need to develop to ensure that it is delivered as company employees?

Lesson 2 - Health & Safety, Signs & Symbols

Health and safety is a key issue in all workplaces. Students may have come across various safety signs in and around the school. In this lesson, students will acquire further knowledge and understanding of the types and meanings of various health and safety signs.

Lesson 3 - Fire Safety

Each year, may people suffer burns caused by fires in the workplace. This lesson reminds students how fires start and some of the causes of workplace incidents as well as how they could be avoided. Information about fire extinguishers is also included in the lesson.

Vocational Qualifications

These skills for personal development lessons can be used to support learning outcomes for Key Skills and Workplace Core Skills from City & Guilds.