KS3 - Professional Skills and Career Planning - 6 form time activities

These lesson plans for careers at key stage 3 cover vital careers information, from understanding what is expected in employment to how to achieve personal career goals.

Each activity is designed to take around 20 minutes, making them ideal for teaching during form time, or as part of a careers enrichment day.

The activities have been developed in conjunction with four schools in Suffolk.

Professional Skills & Career Planning

These lessons are six 20 minute lesson plans on careers or work-related learning topics, and are ideal for use throughout key stage 3 in form time, careers or life skills lessons or during enrichment days. They have been devised in collaboration with young people and teachers in special and mainstream schools, and topics include professional skills, body language, interview skills, planning and target setting.

The lessons firstly aim to provide a broad idea of careers, such as their necessity and what they require. At a more personal level the lessons guide pupils in career matching their skills, and provide the sources to continue their work search.

Activities are as follows:

Establishing Goals

Reaching Goals

Clarifying Goals

The Handshake

Body Language

The Interview

Vocational Qualifications

These professional skills and career planning activities can be used to support learning outcomes for Preparation for Work Life - Employment Opportunities from AQA. These activities are also suitable for use with Career Planning, Employability - Career Exploration, Exploring Job Opportunities from ASDAN; Preparing for Employment from City & Guilds; Skills Towards Enabling Progression "Step Up" - Personal Goals from NOCN; Employability Skills - Opportunities from OCR.