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Careers Toolkit - Careers Assessment Tool

KS4 - Careers Assessment Tool for students to complete PowerPoint presentations completed by students that helps them to assess their skills and understanding. This assessment incorporates elements from the Economic well-being programme of study, so addresses enterprise and work-related learning topics too.
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Assessment Tool for Economic Well-being

This assessment is designed to be completed in PowerPoint and become a presentation that students can add to their e-portfolios.


What version of PowerPoint do I need to be running?
The assessment has been created in PowerPoint 2007. If you have an older version of PowerPoint you may need to contact us and we will send you a version of the assessment which is compatible with older packages.

What if students need more than one slide to complete their evidence?
Simply insert a duplicate slide after the relevant slide. You can do this by going to the slide that you wish to follow on from, then clicking on “Insert” in the top menu bar. Select “Duplicate Slide” from the drop down list. You then have an identical slide template to complete as you wish.

How many students can do this at any one time?
As many students as can access a PC.

What if I can’t access ICT resources?
You can print the slides out and the students can complete them by hand, although this obviously lacks the impact of the digital version.

What context can I use the assessment tool in?
At the end of an economic well-being day or activity, at the end of term (although obviously the students will need to have recorded their experiences throughout the term), or during the course of a set of pastoral lessons. Students can complete the presentation in their own time or as part of an ICT lesson.

What if our school’s definition of the topics isn’t the same?
Simply amend the statements and headings to suit your own requirements.

Where should I save the presentations?
In an appropriate place on the school network or in students’ e-portfolios. Remind them to save the presentation with a file name that is easily identifiable.