KS4 - Enrichment Day Programme

Complete Enrichment Day Programme for key stage 4.

This enrichment day is themed around careers within the active leisure and learning sector. The skills developed and themes raised within the lessons are generic however, and will be of use to all students as part of their careers education and work-related learning.

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A complete Careers enrichment day programme for students at KS4.

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Careers Enrichment Day Introduction

Enrichment days are an increasingly popular way of enlivening the curriculum for students, and meeting learning objectives which can be difficult to attain through the normal curriculum. They are designed to raise the aspirations and achievement of all students by enriching and extending their study of a subject, or cross-curricular activity.

An enrichment day is the perfect opportunity to provide the intellectual stimulus they might not otherwise expect to enjoy as a result of normal timetable constraints.

So what are the key concepts?


  • Adding depth and breadth to learning.
  • Stimulating new insights and perspectives.
  • Understanding levels of existing knowledge.


  • Broadening the skills, knowledge and understanding of students.
  • Developing cognitive and physical skills.
  • Challenging abilities and expectations.

These two key concepts of enrichment and extension are not mutually exclusive. Often a subtle blend of the two can provide experiences which move learning forward by introducing new skills and concepts to students.